There are several documents required for export to Spain.

One original of a commercial invoice, original Certificate of Origen or Form A (if needed), and one bill of lading must be submitted for all shipments export to Spain

Other certificates are also required for pharmaceuticals, perishable food, animals, plants, and certain medical products.

The 10 documents most used for export to Spain are:



Regardless of value, commercial invoices detailing the business transactions between exporter and importer are required for shipments subject to import duty.  All charges including insurance and shipping must be listed on the invoice, and INCOTERM has to be indicated.

The commercial invoice is a key document used by custom officials for valuation, duty determination and control.  For certain transactions, including textiles, sample items and software, additional details are needed.



The Certificate of Origin (CO) certifies the country where the product was manufactured.  Details on the CO must be consistent with those found on the commercial invoice.  Shipments that may qualify as duty-free under trade agreements such as EFTA (European Free Trade Association), SPG (System of Generalized Preferences) and LOMA require a Certificate of Origin.  All textiles require a CO and may also need an import permit.



bill of lading needed when export to Spain

NFS bill of lading


is a contract for the transport of goods and document of title to them, which provides all the information the carrier needs for proper transporting.  The information includes shipment origin, contract terms, contact information for consignor and consignee, description and quantity of the goods and routing instructions.  It also includes terms of the contract between the shipper and the carrier to convey the goods to the buyer.

This document in a must in any export to Spain.

An ocean bill of lading doubles as a receipt for the cargo and as a contract for transportation between exporter and carrier.

A waybill is issued in place of a bill of lading when transporting by air. It covers the movement of goods by the domestic and international flights.

Other documents that may be required for exporting products to Spain are the following.



Sanitary Certificates are required to import plants, plant products, seeds, animals, parts of animals, meat products, seafood and sea life.  The regulations for importing these items are established by the EU Commission. It is important when you export to Spain have this sanitary certificate, otherwise the product will not be allowed to entry to the European Comunity.



These are required for drugs and specified sanitary products export to Spain.  A product analysis issued by the manufacturer will suffice.




Certificate of Compliance issued by the Marine Authority (Ministry of Transport) is required to bring ocean-going vessels into Spain.  To obtain the certificate, the manufacturer of the vessel must establish sea-worthiness.

Dangerous Goods Certificate is necessary for certain products including chemicals, liquors and perfumes.

Import License is used to control goods having import quotas.

EUR 1 Form may be required for goods claiming special tax treatment under EU agreements with specific countries.


If you are going to export to Spain any kind of  cargo, Contact us first for assistance with customs clearance.