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The traditional midsummer party in Spain is the celebration in honour of San Juan (St. John the Baptist) and takes place in the evening of June 23.

Bonfires are lit and a set of firework displays usually take place. On the Mediterranean coast, especially in Catalonia and València, special foods such as Coca de Sant Joan are also served on this occasion.

In Alicante, since 1928, the bonfires of Saint John were developed into elaborate constructions inspired by the Fallas of Valencia. In Spain, ancient pre-Christian traditions related to fire festivities are still among the most popular.

Bonfires are lit in the streets or on the sand of the beaches, the rituals are jumping over the fire, touch the water that is blessed in the night or asking for some wishes, and there are fireworks too.

Special meals are also served on this occasion.One of the centers of the festival is in Ciutadella; but many different cities and towns have their own unique traditions associated with the festival. Midsummer tradition is also especially strong in northern areas of the country, such as Galicia.