Whether you’re a new importer/exporter or an old hand at the global marketplace, you want to be sure that your freight is being handled properly, both materially and in documentation. Here are nine things to consider when choosing a Spain freight forwarder or an international one in your origin country:


spain freight forwarder

  1. Are they professional enough to handle your business? If you’re shipping freight that needs to be on the first ship or plane out that morning, be they have enough carrier contracts to meet this demand.
  2. Can they handle your particular product? Some products require certain conditions when being shipped. You might require refrigeration or a certain level of shock absorption. Find out ahead of time if the Spain freight forwarder can meet those conditions.
  3. How good is their network of agents at origin and destination ports? Once your freight gets to where it’s going, a good Spain freight forwarder will provide you with up-to-date information regarding the disposition of your shipment.
  4. Are they financially strong? A company that can’t afford to pay the carrier may result in your shipment being held until some kind of payment is made. Be sure your freight forwarder is on good financial footing.
  5. How is the communication level? When you call, does a person answer, or are you sent to a recording and then put on hold until an operator gets around to answering? When there’s a problem, are you left hanging there with no one to be found?

    NF Spain is a Spain freight forwarder offer you one support plattaform only to answer all your questions. Whether you are or not our customer, we will try to help you and we will give you an answer within 1 hour throught our ticket support.

  6. What is their document turnaround time? You need your information to be as timely as possible, and you need your documents  just as quickly.
  7. Can they give good references? A good freight forwarder will happily provide you with a list of satisfied customers who you can contact.
  8. Do they have cargo insurance? Bad things can happen even to the best of us. A good freight forwarder will be able to insure your shipment. A forwarder that can’t or won’t insure your shipment should be avoided at all costs.
  9. Did they negotiate the best pricing with their carriers? A freight forwarder who hasn’t negotiated the best price possible with their carriers doesn’t have your best interests in mind. Those costs will be passed along to you. Make sure your freight forwarder is thinking about your budget as well as their own.


NF Spain we match the 9 tips and we are prepared to meet all your needs as a reliable Spain freight forwarder with air and sea freight capabilities, full logistics, and customs clearance services.

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