Air cargo has revolutionized the transportation and logistics industries.

There’s no denying the benefits of Air Freight, which include speed, safety and more. And though the benefits are large in number, there are several items that cannot be shipped via this means of transportation without first getting special approval.

They are inside of the considered Dangerous cargo goods and it is important to note that air cargo restrictions are determined by law as well as company regulations.

Air Cargo: Five Groups of Items that Require Special Permission

For the most part, the five following groups of items cannot be shipped unless special approval has been obtained.

1) Only lighters that don’t contain unabsorbed liquid fuel can be brought on cargo flights. Lighter fuel and lighter refills are not permitted. In addition, firearms and ammunition cannot be shipped unless permission has been acquired.

2) Alcohol cannot be shipped if it’s not in its original retail package. In addition, if the alcohol content is below 24 percent or above 70 percent, it cannot be shipped without permission.

3) Flammable liquids, including camphor oil, gasoline, turpentine, paint, and engine starting fluid all need special permission before being able to be shipped.

4) Lab chemicals, oxidizers, sulfuric acid, corrosive items, organic peroxides, and potassium permanganate require special permission.

5) Never are non-prescribed narcotics, as well as any type of psychotropic drug, including cocaine, methamphetamine, opium, marijuana, morphine and heroin allowed to be shipped.
When a person chooses to take advantage of air cargo, it’s important to make sure the item(s) being shipped won’t violate any domestic or international shipping laws. In addition, the person needs to contact an air cargo company of his or her choice and ask about any items that are restricted.

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