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Duties, Taxes and Fees Which May Apply to Imports into Spain

Duties, Taxes and Fees which may apply to imports into Spain, is one of the most understoods parts of any process when start’s up or companies start in shipping business.

As a member of the European Union and World Trade Organization, imports into Spain follows EU and GATT trading regulations.

Spain calculates customs duties based on cost, insurance and freight (CIF).  Non-EU imports are charged the EU Common External Tariff rates.

Duties, taxes and fees imports into Spain. customs clearance aduana nf spain transitario forwarder agente de aduanas.



DUTIES imports into Spain

Duties vary depending on the cargo.

You can check what you are going to pay for your cargos imports into Spain in our DUTIES PAGE, in our TOOLS section.

Other extra common taxes and duties pay the imports into Spain due the cargo are:

Countervailing Duties which extend from 5% to 33% are put in place to offset low-priced, subsidized imports which negatively impact Spanish industries.

Watch Duty Rate is based on the how a watch is classified when it enters Spanish customs.  The duty ranges from none if cost of commercial shipment is less than 22 EUR to duty be assessed for commercial shipments over 150 EUR.

Antidumping Duties are charged when the imports are priced less than the normal value of the products and as a result, adversely affect Spanish industry.  Dumping occurs when the price of the product is less than what is ordinarily charged for use in the exporting country.  If there is no comparable domestic price, dumping is assumed when the import is priced less than the highest comparable price charged when exported into a third country; or when the import is sold at a price less than the cost of production plus reasonable selling expense and profit in the originating country.  The duty is limited to the difference between the dumping price and the comparable price.

Excise Duties are levied against luxury goods such as perfume, alcohol, tobacco products and other commodities as deemed by Spanish regulations.

Import Taxes for most imports into Spain are charged under MFN (Most Favored Nation) rates.  Textiles, autos, electronics, meat, sugar, cereal, tobacco and alcohol are taxed at higher rates.



Since joining the European Union in 1986, imports into Spain are also subject to the VAT (Value Added Tax) charged under three rate categories.  Most manufactured goods over 22 EUR are taxed at 21%.  Agricultural, medical, pharmaceutical, various services and human and animal food are taxed at the 10% rate.  A rate of 4% is applied to bread, dairy, eggs, produce, vehicles and medical equipment for the disabled and public transportation vehicles. (Please verify with us at time you are reading this post, these are the actual rates).


If you are not a company and you are not registered in Spain as importer of the cargo you want to entry (IAE), then you pay an extra 5.2% of the value CIF of the cargo. This tax is called in Spain: ‘RECARGO DE EQUIVALENCIA’.



Customs Fees include fines and penalties which may be charged when a customs declaration or commercial invoice is submitted late, or when there is a 4% or greater discrepancy between declared and submitted values.

Examination Fees to recover the expense of verification, testing and inspection mandated for entry of certain goods into Spanish commerce.  Cosmetics, drugs, medicines and artwork may be assessed examination fees.

And obviously the freight fees, FOB expences at departure, all of this will depend on the INCONTERMS ( EXW, DDP…..) you will buy / sell.

You can ask us for a QUOTE, we will answer you within 24 hours.



The main fees you need to pay are: VAT and the DUTIES of the cargo to the customs goverment  + Shipping expences to the freight forwarder you will hire.


For assistance on managing customs clearance in Spain, please send us a ticket via our SUPPORT department we will be more than happy to help you.


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August 2015: conversion currency rate for Spain customs clearance.

Every 1st day of the month, customs office goverment, makes public the conversion currency rate for Spain customs clearance.

That rate is the official has been to be apply in any customs clearance document for all the month.

No matter wich conversion rate will be the day of the clearance, customs office allways apply the rate they have made public on the first day of every month.

You can DOWNLOAD, clicking bellow.

conversion currency rate for Spain customs clearance



It is important this information, as sometimes importers don’t understand why, at time of clear the cargo, we use an exchange rate wich is different than official of the day. We must allways use the customs monthly conversion currency rate for Spain customs clearance.

For more information about conversion currency rate for Spain customs clearance, or any other information relative to customs clearance, air or sea freight cargo from to Spain, don’t doubt contact us.



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What is EUR1?

An EUR1, is a movement certificate, that gives some countries an import discount or waiver on goods that originate in Spain or European Union that have applicable trade agreements with the countries.

The Customs & Chamber International issues this certificate.

When applying for this certificate, a Harmonised System (HS) code or Tariff Number for the products will be needed to enter on the application or your products.

It can be found on the EU’s Applied Tariffs Database.

A EUR1 application can be acquired from Chamber International in those cases you will move directly the cargo or the most common, is when your freight forwarder or customs clearance agency makes the clearance for export the cargo, they authomatically issue the certificate.


EUR1. NF Spain provide EUR1 services.

EUR 1.


To apply, along with the EUR1 application, a copy of the export invoice will be needed along with an issue fee payment and a self-addressed stamped envelope to receive the processed certificate by mail.

The application and accompanying materials will be mailed to Chamber International, Devere House, Vicar Lane, Little Germany, Bradford BD1 5AH, West Yorkshire.

The Chamber International office will generally send the EUR1 certificate to on the same business day that it received the application.
An applicant can also apply for a retrospective EUR1, that is issued up to two years after the products are imported, with the exception of Mexico and South Korea.

NF Spain is a professional freight forwarder, customs clearance broker. We are used to issue this kind and other customs certificates.


It is important, in order to save money, hire one professional company handle in daily basis with customs and with these types of certificates, documents, to avoid delays at destination as well as don´t pay extra money at arrival of the cargo. Experience is a must with this customs documents.


We usually send copy of all documents prior clear the cargo. In that way you can check with your customer or with the customs clearance broker at destination if it is filled as destination required, then you allways avoid future problems.


For more information, please don´t doubt contact us.
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What is SOIVRE?

SOIVRE stands for the Servicio Oficial de Inspección, Vigilancia y Regulación de Las Exportaciones. In English this means the Official Service Inspection, Supervision and Regulation of Exports).

This service plays a very important role in port activity, especially when exports come from third world countries. These types of exports typically include, but are not limited to, vegetables, frozen fish, fruit, dried fruit, olive oil, and many other kinds of imports that come from all over the globe.

This organization is related to the Ministry of Economy, General Secretariat for Foreign Trade, Registration and Technical Assistance for Foreign Trade, The State Secretariat for Commerce and Tourism, and General Under management for Inspection.

Soivre Spain freight forwarder



The SOIVRE carries out inspections to make sure that goods pass health and quality standards, and to make sure that imports meet or exceed specifications that are set by the Regulations Association. If the imports do not meet specifications then they will be sent back to their home country without payment.

If SOIVRE notices anything suspicious, such as possible contraband, it will notify the proper authorities and the vessel will be investigated and possibly confiscated. SOIVRE plays a vital role in ensuring that food that enters the country is edible and safe for consumption.




It is important to avoid delays in departures and / or delivery of goods, having a freight forwarder that can provide an agile in dealing with this service.NF Spain is a freight forwarder, customs broker, who daily provides services such as this and with Customs and other government agencies.



For more information, please don´t doubt contact us.
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Australia changes to documentation

We have recived this important notification from our Australia agent.

australia customs clearance


Australian Customs are starting to impose fines on customs brokers and importers when they submit documents for clearance when there is no link between commercial documents and transport documents.

Therefore with immediate effect suppliers commercial invoice numbers MUST BE on all house bills.

We will ask for amending documents should the commercial invoice details be missing from any new paperwork received.

Please distribute this SOP to all necessary offices and departments


For any doubt or enquiry about any shipment from / to Australia, please contact us.

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New China customs advance manifest.

China Customs will implement the new China Customs Advance Manifest system effective from 28th of June 2014.

All cargo shipment destination to China is enforcing a 24-hour  CCAM rule in pior to the loading time of the last foreign
loading port.

Please find the main data and formatting requirements of the manifest:

  •  Shipper’s name and address
  •  Consignee’s name and address
  •  Notify party name and address
  •  Shipper’s name and address
  •  Consignee’sname and address
  •  Notify party name and address when “To order”BL
  •  Cargo Description
  •  Total Gross weight, Total number of packages, Type
  • of packages
  •  Container Number
  •  UN Number for Dangerous
  •  Goods and IMDG Class


china 24 h advanced manifest



The failure to meet the requirement of the China customs, might cause “DNL\DNU” notice from the customs and negative
effects in the further import process of China customs clearance and customs release.

We will keep you informed of any further updates and please don’t doubt contact us for any doubt you will  need.

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Temporary Importation and Exportation

In the world of international business, it’s common place that some products, information and data can be restricted by the country it comes from as well as countries that may be receiving the material or goods. The reasons can vary from protecting local markets to preventing sensitive materials from being sold to the wrong parties outside. However, governments also understand that laws can often cover too much, making beneficial markets suffer. So a loophole is often created in the form of a temporary exportation/importation approval.

A temporary exportation allows a person or company to take restricted goods and materials out of a country for a temporary use and return. Commonly requested items can involve displays, samples, presentations, data and similar type products for conferences, research, trade shows and similar. The approach allows businesses to still develop trade and commerce while staying within the general rules of allowed exportation defined by the company’s government.

A temporary importation involves the other side of the picture, temporarily allowing a restricted item or product into a country for a short time window. Again, the common examples include trade and conference displays, research products and similar. However, the difference in this case is that the paperwork and permitting has to be obtained from the country being entered. And each country has its own list of allowed entry products, which can differ greatly from others as well as the country the product is coming from.


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Harmonized System Codes (HS CODE)

Harmonzied System Codes (or HS Codes) is an internationally standardized system to keep track of trade products. It is a system of both numbers and names, and came into effect in 1988.

It is developed and maintained by the World Custom Organization (WCO), which was formerly known as the Customs Co-Operation Council.

Those party to the HS convention are obligated to base their tariff schedule using HS nomenclature, although they set their own rates of duty. The code itself can be up to 10 digits long. The first four digits are known as the heading, and comprise of the most general categories. More specific categories are added two digits at a time, for either six or eight digit codes at the tariff-level line. The final two digits are optional, and can be used as statistic reporting numbers if desired, to bring the code up to 10.


All existing products can be classified using HS codes by using the General Rules of Interpretation. The code to use for each product can be found either through research of the product’s form or function. For products that cannot be classified using current codes, there is an “other” classification that encompasses all products under the header and sub-header.

Classification of products also determines licensing requirements and the duties paid. A small difference in classification can lead to a large different in the duties that have to be paid.

For any doubt about the HS code of the cargo you need to import or export to Spain, please don`t doubt contact us.

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What is an ATA carnet?

What is an ATA carnet?

The ATA Carnet is an international customs document used to ship temporarily goods between two or more countries without payment of normally applicable duties and taxes, including value-added taxes. 

If for some reason you dont re-export all goods listed on the ATA Carnet, you must pay the applicable duties.

The word ATA means “Admission Temporaire/Temporary Admission.”


Why an ATA carnet?

Ata Carnet. The best way to move cargo between countries without paying duties

One of the most important documents that you need when shipping or transporting something is an ATA carnet. These are accepted in 83 countries and territories around the globe, making it easy to ship with ease.

The simple explanation of an ATA carnet is that it is a document that helps with international customs as well as imports/exports. Customs can be cleared with this document without having to pay duties or import taxes on the merchandise, as long as it will be re-exported within 12 months.

There are new countries added to the ATA carnet system each year, making it more affordable than ever to import and export around the globe. While it does last for 12 months, there are also extensions that can be obtained periodically.

Whether it is a trade show exhibit, a sample of something, or it is for professional equipment, it may be advantageous to have an ATA carnet in your possession. The more you know about them, the more they can help you – and save you money.


Example of an ATA carnet


Imagine you are a producer of motorbikes in US. And you want to go a fair in Spain, and the cargo will come back once the fair will finish. The ATA Carnet form will help you avoid loose time with customs formalities, pay duties and have a fast entry at Spain.

Spain freight forwarder will make customs clearance only with the ATA Carnet. No more document will need to proceed.
Once the fair has finished, same ATA Carnet document has to be presented to the customs in Spain to be re-exported. Customs will have the option to make the inspection of all the cargo to check if all the listed goods match with the ATA Carnet. Once checked and all is ok the cargo can departure. If not, import duties will be charged to the issue of ATA Carnet.


How to obtain one?


There is a four-step process involved with obtaining an ATA document. Once you have one, it doesn’t expire, so you can go through the process just once. It can be done entirely online, which can save you time through the application system. There is no renewal process involved, so it’s one of those documents that make it a must-have when you are in the import and export industry.

You can watch the video from the International Chamber of Commerce, or check how to obtain the ATA Carnet online.

If you have an ATA form in place, the documentation becomes a lot easier, getting your items through customs quickly.

If you have any doubt or you need a freight forwarder in Spain to handle your ATA Carnet please don’t doubt to contact us.

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10 Documents used for Export to Spain.

There are several documents required for export to Spain.

One original of a commercial invoice, original Certificate of Origen or Form A (if needed), and one bill of lading must be submitted for all shipments export to Spain

Other certificates are also required for pharmaceuticals, perishable food, animals, plants, and certain medical products.

The 10 documents most used for export to Spain are:



Regardless of value, commercial invoices detailing the business transactions between exporter and importer are required for shipments subject to import duty.  All charges including insurance and shipping must be listed on the invoice, and INCOTERM has to be indicated.

The commercial invoice is a key document used by custom officials for valuation, duty determination and control.  For certain transactions, including textiles, sample items and software, additional details are needed.



The Certificate of Origin (CO) certifies the country where the product was manufactured.  Details on the CO must be consistent with those found on the commercial invoice.  Shipments that may qualify as duty-free under trade agreements such as EFTA (European Free Trade Association), SPG (System of Generalized Preferences) and LOMA require a Certificate of Origin.  All textiles require a CO and may also need an import permit.



bill of lading needed when export to Spain

NFS bill of lading


is a contract for the transport of goods and document of title to them, which provides all the information the carrier needs for proper transporting.  The information includes shipment origin, contract terms, contact information for consignor and consignee, description and quantity of the goods and routing instructions.  It also includes terms of the contract between the shipper and the carrier to convey the goods to the buyer.

This document in a must in any export to Spain.

An ocean bill of lading doubles as a receipt for the cargo and as a contract for transportation between exporter and carrier.

A waybill is issued in place of a bill of lading when transporting by air. It covers the movement of goods by the domestic and international flights.

Other documents that may be required for exporting products to Spain are the following.



Sanitary Certificates are required to import plants, plant products, seeds, animals, parts of animals, meat products, seafood and sea life.  The regulations for importing these items are established by the EU Commission. It is important when you export to Spain have this sanitary certificate, otherwise the product will not be allowed to entry to the European Comunity.



These are required for drugs and specified sanitary products export to Spain.  A product analysis issued by the manufacturer will suffice.




Certificate of Compliance issued by the Marine Authority (Ministry of Transport) is required to bring ocean-going vessels into Spain.  To obtain the certificate, the manufacturer of the vessel must establish sea-worthiness.

Dangerous Goods Certificate is necessary for certain products including chemicals, liquors and perfumes.

Import License is used to control goods having import quotas.

EUR 1 Form may be required for goods claiming special tax treatment under EU agreements with specific countries.


If you are going to export to Spain any kind of  cargo, Contact us first for assistance with customs clearance.

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