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Dangerous goods transport documentation requirements for FCL

The legislation requires a declaration from the consignor (shipper) stating that the goods declared are classified and packed correctly and also a declaration from the person packing the container that it has been done so correctly, these are Dangerous Goods Declaration
and the Container Packing Certificate

These declarations may be in any format, but must be in accordance with the regulations of the IMDG code, Chapter 5.4 refers (anphot  example is given below).
Often, the Dangerous Goods Declaration is combined with the Container Packing Certificate into one document, generally known as the Multimodal Dangerous Goods Form.
These documents can also known as Dangerous Goods Note (DGN), Dangerous Goods Declaration (DGD), Multimodal Dangerous Goods Form (MDGF), Shippers Declaration, and Dangerous Cargo Declaration (DCD)

The information required on the documents is as follows:

Shipper – full name and address
Consignee – full name and address
Description of goods in sequence

Multimodal Dangerous Goods form


a) UN number (preceded by UN)
b) Proper Shipping Name including technical name (if required)
c) Primary IMO class, secondary, tertiary
d) Packing Group

Information which supplements the Proper Shipping Name in the dangerous
goods description (If applicable)

Technical names for “n.o.s.” and other generic descriptions
Empty uncleaned packagings, bulk containers and tanks
Elevated temperature substances
Marine Pollutants
In addition to the dangerous goods description the following information shall be included after the dangerous goods description on the dangerous goods transport document.

Total quantity of dangerous goods

This includes the weight in Kilos of each substance, as well as the number and type of packaging.

Also to be included if applicable;

Limited quantities
Salvage packagings
Substances stabilized by temperature control

Control and Emergency temperature: ….° C

Aerosols – If the capacity of an aerosol is above 1000ml, this shall be declared.

Both the Shippers declaration and the container packing declaration must be signed and dated.

There are also national and local regulations to be considered when preparing the Dangerous Goods Documentation, including but not limited to 24Hr emergency telephone number and contact for shipments to / from the USA, Canada, Thailand, China and Australia, these are mandatory, however, where possible it is always useful to include for other destinations. For USA and Canada it is also necessary to include if applicable Reportable Quantity (RQ) and if poisonous by inhalation (PIH) the zone should also be included

There may be other documentation required at time of booking, these will normally be documents as prescribed by the IMDG code, but may also include specific documents required by a local authority, e.g. weathering certificate, Competent Authority Approval, Certificate of Analysis or a gas free certificate to name a few.

For more information to ship Dangerous goods from / to Spain, , please don’t doubt contact us.



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Update about Tianjin port

We would like to inform you about the last update about the situation of Tianjin port just received from local agents.

Blast in Tianjin port


The fatal blasts on Aug 12 that rocked a warehouse storing hazardous chemicals in Tianjin BINHAI New Area have claimed 114 lives, including 13 people not yet identified, and left 64 missing. Explosion caused huge losses to people’s life and property , after the accident, the terminal to stop all services last week, After a week of active repair and testing,

Tianjin port news



Actual and future situation in Tianjin port


The latest notice is as follows:

1. For customs —Tianjin customs system has been restored to the basic business on 18/08
2. For container yard—Most of container yard has been able to run normally, can pick up the empty container and back the heavy container.

But for some supplier/shippers send the goods to container yard, then loading at there , this service have not resume temporary .

due to the serious damage, there are 5 container yards in Tianjin has not yet resumed operation.
3. For carriers—, some containers are damaged after explosion, for part of carriers there will be a lack of cabinets, we will pay attention on this when we booking.
4. For tianjin port , stop all dangerous goods both on import and export operation now.

For others ports, customs clearance and inspection will be more strict.


We would like to thank to Mr. Ken Zhang of First Corp Ltd wich has sent us this information.

We would like express our condolences for all the victims in this tragedy at Tianjin port. Our thoughts are with all of them.

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Revised regulation on shipping dangerous cargo from Spain to Shanghai.

As a consequence of tragic dangerous cargo explosion at Tianjin Port,  the regulation of shipping dangerous cargo from spain to shanghai has been modified.

Chinese Government has established a high attention on dangerous Logistics Operations and we must watch this aspect carefully, and enhance the strict supervision and revise the regulation on shipping dangerous cargo from Spain to Shaghai on accepting and handling these cargos.

Shanghai authorities have notified to all cargo agents of revised regulation on shipping Dangerous Cargo to/via the port of Shanghai, imposed with inmediate effect.

Revised regulation on shipping dangerous cargo from Spain to Shanghai.


How proceed

From now only can be accepted Dangerous Cargo under CLASS 3, 8, 9.

But if you have any bookings of Dangerous cargo from spain to shanghai other than classes 3, 8, 9, please make sure to inquiry us and wait for our confirmation case by case, prior to stuff the container.

We won’t accept any loading of those cargos without the confirmation before cargo would be on board.

The new regulation on shipping dangerous cargo from Spain to Shaghai contains following requirements to documents accompanying and labeling of your shipments:

  1. All cargoes must be accompanied by a MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) in the Chinese language. For acceptance purposes we will also require same in the English language.
  2. Label each individual packaging, containing dangerous goods,with a Chinese label including:
    – Commercial product name;
    – UN number;
    – Composition/concentration;
    – GHS label;
    – First aid and emergency disposal methods;
    – Emergency contact person & phone number.


Failure to comply to the above requirement will result in non-acceptance of the consignment for exportation to Shanghai.


Dangerous cargo to Xingang Terminal are prohibited

We receive the notice from Xingang Terminal that Xingang warehouse can’t temporarily handle any consol box which contains any hazardous cargo. Otherwise, it will not be unstuffed and will have to be returned back to port of origin.
All charges involved will be by shipper’s account.


We remain to your total dispossal in order to clarify or help you in the process of the shipping dangerous cargo from spain to shanghai or other ports worldwide.


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Shipments from Spain to Iran. How to proceed.

Little by little shipments from Spain to Iran are increasing due the deal between Iran and world powers over the Middle Eastern country’s nuclear programme.

One of shipping lines has resume the shipments from Spain to Iran is CMA CGM Group. One of the largest shipping lines in the world.

The press realease inform:

“Following the recent positive developments involving Iran and the P5+1 Group – comprising the U.S., China, France, the UK, Germany and Russia – and with the conclusion of the joint comprehensive plan of action, CMA CGM Group has decided to resume service to Iran starting (at the) beginning August 2015″

Shipments from Spain to Iran

Shipments from Spain to Iran


These are some points mandatory for any shipments from Spain to Iran.

All parties to the bill of lading should be identified and known before booking acceptance;
 No booking with a party listed by the Regulations shall be accepted;
 No commodity under sanctions shall be accepted;
 A letter of indemnity shall be signed by the Shipper and/or the freight forwarder (if any) undertaking that
they are fully compliant with the international sanctions against Iran;
 A special clause is inserted in the bill of lading to Iran;
 No Shipper Owned Container shall be accepted for import to Iran;
 Issuance of Bill of lading to order in blank is strictly prohibited;
 No Telex release is accepted;
 No LCL shipment is accepted;
 Shipment with an Iranian freight forwarder appearing as consignee on the bill of lading is rejected, unless the
actual cargo receiver is clearly identified;
 Any booking or bill of lading can be cancelled without any prior notice by the Line if it is found that the
shipment is not compliant with the Regulations;
 Any container(s) can be discharged and/or returned to origin at shipper’s costs if it is found that the shipment
is not compliant with the Regulations.


We need in order to accept and confirm any booking two documents filled




For any additional information about shipments from Spain to Iran or any other destination by sea cargo from Spain or air, please don´t doubt contact us.

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A Short Lesson about Sea Freight. Spain Shipments by sea freight.

The decision to transport your Spain shipments by sea freight makes sense for a variety of reasons.

Spain Shipments by sea freight is cheaper.

Shipping by seas costs 10 times less than shipping by air. If you have a large quantity of goods to transport and time is not an important consideration, shipping by sea is a good choice. After arriving at the destination port, the goods can remain in the container for further transport by rail or truck. When you have less than a container load, it may be cost effective to work with a freight forwarder who can consolidate shipments.

On the other hand, there are some contraindications to choosing deliveries,for Spain shipments by sea freight.
Sea transport takes more time than other modes, routes and timetables are usually fixed and adverse weather conditions will impact travel. It is also more difficult to track the shipment’s progress.

Transit times for Spain shipments by sea freight is higher than other ways.

Costs for Spain shipments by sea freight is lower than other ways.


There are additional costs from overland transport to the final destination, imposition of duties and taxes at port and possible fuel and currency surcharges.

Either a Sea Waybill or Bill of Lading, spelling out who owns the consignment and the terms of the contract of carriage, is a required document for ocean freight. A Bill of Lading which maintains your ownership of the goods until you discharge them to the customer is advised when shipping to a new customer. Unless you are familiar with the customer’s credit history, it is risky to release the goods before receiving full payment. The Bill of Lading provides documentary security and additional control.

The less costly option, the Sea Waybill, should only be used when you are familiar with or have an established relationship with your customer. This is one thing you have to consider with your Spain shipments by sea freight or other origins / destination.

When shipping hazardous goods, a dangerous goods declaration is also required.

Limited insurance coverage under maritime transport conventions is automatically applied. Additional coverage, such as general cargo insurance is recommended.

Here are some different options for shipping sea freight.


Spain Shipments by sea freight

Sea-Freight Conventional Cargo, needing high quality export packaging, is shipped on palettes, in bulk or in boxes. Because it is handled several times and exposed to weather, there is potential for damage and it is less secure. The cargo is conveyed to the shipping company (the carrier) for transport from a named port of shipment to a chosen place of destination and placed in the ship’s hold or on deck.

Sea-Freight Charter ships do not have regular routes and schedules; instead they pick up cargo under a contract with the ship operator. Charter shipping is the lowest cost option per unit of measure or weight and is commonly used for bulk shipments of oil, coal or grain. The charter contract can be conferred for a specific load, for a particular journey or for a stated length of time.

Sea freight may be transported on a Sea-Freight Roll on/Roll off (RO/RO) vessel. Similar to a car ferry, an RO/RO ship has ramps that enable loading from the side, front or rear of the ship. Other designs allow for unloading of containers from the top with a crane. The benefit of an RO/RO vessel is the time saved when loading and unloading. The downside is lower security and susceptibility to damage during loading, unloading and overland transport to destination.

NF Spain provide freight services worldwide, if you need a company for your Spain shipments by sea freight, or air freight, please contact us for more information.

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All LCL foods cargo from Spain to Doha are prohibited.


Food Cargo from Spain to Doha


We just have been notified any food cargo from Spain to Doha in LCL (less than a container)  have been prohibited with inmediate effect.

Please be informed since this moment we can not accept any booking unless will be shipped in FCL (Full container).

cargo from spain to doha

Other special conditions for any cargo from Spain to Doha

We remind you about other special conditions to this destination.

The Goods IMO will be accepted prior authorization by the shipping port, the shipping company and agent delivery at destination.

It is forbidden the importation of alcoholic beverages in nearly all Arab countries, so it is also requested ask authorization prior book the shipment.

All the packages must be properly marked ‘Made in Spain’, an BL has to indicate the packages marks.


For more information about this or any other matter, please CONTACT us throught our SUPPORT SPAIN SHIPMENTS website.

We are a professional Spain freight forwarder with head office in Barcelona. We can handle any shipment by sea, air as well as customs clearance services you will need from to Spain.


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24h Advance Manifest Rule cargo from Spain to Yantian


New manifest rule cargo from Spain to Yantian

Since last year and in accordance with Decree No.172 of General Administration of Customs, China Customs announced a new rule of advanced manifest filing on maritime container cargo from Spain to Yantian, as well as other worldwide ports.

Shanghai and Xiamen were the first port  to implement the new manifest format.

Since 1st june also Yantian launched the advanced manifest regulation wich has to be applied to all cargo from Spain to Yantian.

Even actuarlly customers are use to this operative, allways are significant changes to our current shipment processes, and we would like to remind you about:

Deadline of filing Advance Manifest 24 hours before loading from a port in a foreign country/territory.

Customers will be requested to submit Shipping Instructions (SI) within a suitable timeline prior documentation cut-off date to allow BL completion and submission to China Customs.


Documentation Cut-off

In order to comply with the rule, NFS will require complete and accurate shipping instructions before the documentation cut-off times.

Please contact our customer service representative for your exact documentation cut-off.

A No Doc / No Load policy will be implemented by NFS for shipments where shipping instructions are not submitted by the required documentation cut-off time.


China Customs Responses

The following responses are expected from China Customs.
Submission Acknowledgement – Acceptance or Rejection.
Do Not Load (DNL) message if and when the shipments submitted do not pass Customs scrutiny.
Do Not Unload (DNU) message if and when the shipments submitted do not pass Customs scrutiny after Customs has received and accepted the advance manifest.


Advance Manifest Submission and Amendment Fee
an Advance Manifest Submission (AMS) fee of USD 30 per BL will be applicable for every BL filed.

China 24 h advanced manifest. Cargo from Spain to Yantian.

China 24 h advanced manifest. Cargo from Spain to Yantian.

More information

You may also refer to the following websites for more information:

Decree No.172 in English 

Decree No.172 in Chinese

For more information about this regulation about cargo from Spain to Yantian, please visit the  links, and we will continue to update customers if there are any further developments on the new regulations. For any information concerning this rule or other information you need, please also refer to our SUPPORT department.

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Shipments from Spain to Yemen ports cancelled.

Due the crisis in Yemen, all shipments from Spain to Yemen ports has been cancelled till  new notice.

All booking to those ports will be not more accepted.

Shipments from Spain to Yemen S

Hapag-Lloyd has informed:

“Owing to the current political development and the current air strikes in Yemen, transportation in and out of Yemen has been affected to a great extent. Feeder traffic has also been severely disrupted. We regret to advise that under these circumstances, acceptance of cargo bookings Shipments from Spain to Yemen has to be suspended for the time being,” the company said in an advisory.

No only Hapag, as well as all other shipping lines, have been forced to do the same.

We will keep you informed.

Please feel free to CONTACT us for any additional information about Shipments from Spain to Yemen or other information, we can handle sea, air freight and customs clearance services in Spain.

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Barcelona port strike 16th-17th February

URGENT information received from Barcelona’s port authorities

The Customer Service Desk (SAC) of the Port of Barcelona informs that the “Platform for workers on harbour tugs and salvage vessels and internal traffic on State Ports”, has called a strike from 08 am on Monday, February 16, to 8 pm on Tuesday, February 17, 2015.

Pursuant to the provisions of article 2 of the Law on State Ports and Merchant Marine and RD 58/1994, of January 21, minimum services will be approved.”=

Due this reason pick ups and deliveries can suffer delay. Please contact us if you have any shipment in these dates.


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NEW Republic of Ghana Shipping Regulations: Advance Shipment Information

We have been informed today by EVERGREEN about the new Advance Shipment Information (ASHI) effective March 1st.


“NEW Republic of Ghana Shipping Regulations: IMMEDIATE ATTENTION

MARCH 2015 – Republic of Ghana
Effective March 1, 2015 Ghana Shippers Authority under the authority of Regulations # L.I. 2190 by the Parliament of the Republic of Ghana will require “Advance Shipment Information” (ASHI) document, validated at the loading port, covering each Bill of Lading for maritime shipments arriving at the seaports of Ghana. The ASHI will be mandatory for all imports into Ghana effective Bill of Lading date 1st day of March 2015.

The validated ASHI document is a requirement for all cargo clearance through Customs at the seaports of Ghana. Any shipment not accompanied by a validated ASHI document CANNOT be cleared through Customs and the appropriate penalties as enshrined in the law shall apply.

All Shipping Lines operating to the seaports of Ghana are required to quote the validated ASHI number on its Bill of Lading and cargo manifested issued in respect of cargo shipped to the seaports of Ghana.

ASHI validations can be requested through Commercial International Services LLC.

Commercial International Services LLC
12345 Jones Road, Suite 152
Houston, Texas 77070
PH: +1 281-477-3233
FX: +1 832-592-9309


End of Copy.

Any additional information or for any shipment Spain / Ghana, please don’t doubt CONTACT us.

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