You’ve done your homework. You’ve narrowed your choices to just a few, using the 9 Tips for Choosing a Freight Forwarder and you are ready select a spain freight forwarder agent. There are a lot of things that you have to think about, many features that you need and you can’t afford to miss even one.

This checklist contains many of the features that you need to look for in your Spain freight forwarder agent.

Print this list and use it to ensure that the company you choose is the one that best suits your needs.

NFS Spain Freight Forwarder Agent Checklist

spain freight forwarder agent


__ Quote fits within your budget
__ Additional insurance (if shipping your personal effects, vehicle or other types of freight your insurance company may require you to purchase additional insurance for shipping)

Company Structure
__ Agent network in the country you are importing from or exporting to
__ Business partners in the country you are importing from or exporting to (these often give you access to additional services so talk to your agent)

Background & References
__ Experience handling your type of freight situation
__ Positive references (check references that had the same or similar freight situation that you do)
__ Positive reviews (check online review sites such as Yelp, Angie’s List, etc.)

__ Air cargo
__ Ocean freight
__ Door to door service
__ Picking services
__ Packing services
__ DDU/DDP services
__ Express or urgent shipping services (including pick up)
__ Special cargo services
__ Oversize cargo services
__ Dangerous cargo services
__ Food cargo services
__ Cargo insurance
__ Warehousing/storage service
__ Inventory management at off shore hubs
__ Bonded warehouse
__ Customs clearance
__ Tracking capabilities for shipments
__ Access to real time statistics and information
__ Overseas warehousing (this may be a value added service from the company’s overseas business partners)
__ Overseas distribution services (typically a service that the company’s overseas business partners provides)
__ Freight planning support
__ Freight consolidation (origin, hub, destination)
__ Purchase order management
__ Vendor management

Customer Service
__ Customer service contact information is clearly visible on website (phone number, email, contact form, etc.)
__ Customer service returns calls quickly (a good timeframe is 24 hours)
__ Customer service representative is knowledgeable of the shipping process
__ Customer service representative is knowledgeable of services

When choosing a Spain freight forwarder agent there is a lot to think about when it comes to services and features. This checklist for choosing a freight forwarding agent can help keep the selection process organized and thorough