An EUR1, is a movement certificate, that gives some countries an import discount or waiver on goods that originate in Spain or European Union that have applicable trade agreements with the countries.

The Customs & Chamber International issues this certificate.

When applying for this certificate, a Harmonised System (HS) code or Tariff Number for the products will be needed to enter on the application or your products.

It can be found on the EU’s Applied Tariffs Database.

A EUR1 application can be acquired from Chamber International in those cases you will move directly the cargo or the most common, is when your freight forwarder or customs clearance agency makes the clearance for export the cargo, they authomatically issue the certificate.


EUR1. NF Spain provide EUR1 services.

EUR 1.


To apply, along with the EUR1 application, a copy of the export invoice will be needed along with an issue fee payment and a self-addressed stamped envelope to receive the processed certificate by mail.

The application and accompanying materials will be mailed to Chamber International, Devere House, Vicar Lane, Little Germany, Bradford BD1 5AH, West Yorkshire.

The Chamber International office will generally send the EUR1 certificate to on the same business day that it received the application.
An applicant can also apply for a retrospective EUR1, that is issued up to two years after the products are imported, with the exception of Mexico and South Korea.

NF Spain is a professional freight forwarder, customs clearance broker. We are used to issue this kind and other customs certificates.


It is important, in order to save money, hire one professional company handle in daily basis with customs and with these types of certificates, documents, to avoid delays at destination as well as don´t pay extra money at arrival of the cargo. Experience is a must with this customs documents.


We usually send copy of all documents prior clear the cargo. In that way you can check with your customer or with the customs clearance broker at destination if it is filled as destination required, then you allways avoid future problems.


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