When export to Spain, or in general, exporting goods, a commercial invoice serves as the bill of sale between both buyer and seller. It also provides information on what is being exported as well as any important transactions numbers and/ or other references.

Preparing the invoice in the form that both seller and customer agreed upon is crucial due to the fact that an invoice is the vehicle for payment.

It is important you have to be advice, proforma invoices are not allowed by customs in Spain.

Do not use pro forma invoices for export to Spain purposes.


This means any changes of price or terms must be included. Aside from customizations, every commercial invoice must include specific information, wich is mandatory for spanish customs.


Documents needed when export to spain

Here is how to issue a commercial invoice for export to Spain purposes.

The Basics

All invoices for export to Spain must have :

  • Seller full details
  • Buyer full details
  • Number of invoice
  • Date of invoice
  • Product descriptions
  • HS Code of the cargo (harmonized tariff code) (Providing this tariff codes helps to ensure that inaccurate duty calculations do not occur)
  • Units of each product
  • Value of each product
  • Total value
  • Invoice has to be stamped and signed by seller.


Payment, currency and Incoterms

When preparing an invoice for export to Spain, clearly stating all information pertaining to payment is necessary. The method of payment has to be stated as well as all reference numbers related to it. Aside from payment method, a commercial invoice for exported goods should always identify the currency in which the transaction will be made.

Next, shipping incoterm terms has to be included.


Customs in Spain accept discounts in commercial invoices of a maximum around 3% of value of the product, then, if seller disccounts in the invoice more than that value, it is possible at entry the declared value for duties purposes will be not allow more discount than the 3% and total value of the product will be included in the base of duties calculation.


We recommend strongly send it in PDF format.