We have recived from our chinese agent one notification that we find it is relevant for all those import cargo from China.

The notification says:

In order to remainder you that all Chinese Forwarders from 16th of February must be registered as NVOCC by the Ministry of Transport and therefore with a MOT a code; otherwise Chinese Forwarders will not be able to manage any shipment from any Asian country.

Also, and according to instructions by the Government, the agreement will be regulate by an organization designated by the government called SSE (Shanghai Shipping Exchange). This regulation is focus on the transit times of agreement registration; so the application dates will undergo some changes.

Without exception, the freight agreement will be valid 24 hours after the registration by SSE. And, Carriers need at least 3 working days before the ETD to comply with SSE rules.

Its important the freight forwarder in China you use, must comply with the  MOT legislation by  according to how to manage freights by NVOCC and the new regulation on freight registration.

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