As a consequence of tragic dangerous cargo explosion at Tianjin Port,  the regulation of shipping dangerous cargo from spain to shanghai has been modified.

Chinese Government has established a high attention on dangerous Logistics Operations and we must watch this aspect carefully, and enhance the strict supervision and revise the regulation on shipping dangerous cargo from Spain to Shaghai on accepting and handling these cargos.

Shanghai authorities have notified to all cargo agents of revised regulation on shipping Dangerous Cargo to/via the port of Shanghai, imposed with inmediate effect.

Revised regulation on shipping dangerous cargo from Spain to Shanghai.


How proceed

From now only can be accepted Dangerous Cargo under CLASS 3, 8, 9.

But if you have any bookings of Dangerous cargo from spain to shanghai other than classes 3, 8, 9, please make sure to inquiry us and wait for our confirmation case by case, prior to stuff the container.

We won’t accept any loading of those cargos without the confirmation before cargo would be on board.

The new regulation on shipping dangerous cargo from Spain to Shaghai contains following requirements to documents accompanying and labeling of your shipments:

  1. All cargoes must be accompanied by a MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) in the Chinese language. For acceptance purposes we will also require same in the English language.
  2. Label each individual packaging, containing dangerous goods,with a Chinese label including:
    – Commercial product name;
    – UN number;
    – Composition/concentration;
    – GHS label;
    – First aid and emergency disposal methods;
    – Emergency contact person & phone number.


Failure to comply to the above requirement will result in non-acceptance of the consignment for exportation to Shanghai.


Dangerous cargo to Xingang Terminal are prohibited

We receive the notice from Xingang Terminal that Xingang warehouse can’t temporarily handle any consol box which contains any hazardous cargo. Otherwise, it will not be unstuffed and will have to be returned back to port of origin.
All charges involved will be by shipper’s account.


We remain to your total dispossal in order to clarify or help you in the process of the shipping dangerous cargo from spain to shanghai or other ports worldwide.