If you have a Spain air freight to book, then we can help you with some tips.

It can be easy to take for granted the fact that you can walk into a local supermarket and find fresh fruit and vegetables from around the world. You can go to a fine restaurant in many major international cities and order Alaskan Salmon, or Kobe Beef. It may not be cheap, but it can be had for reasonable prices. This is possible because of advances in technology and transportation, most notably air freight.

Air frieght has enjoyed an increase in popularity in recent years because of the many advantages it has to offer. Shipments can be reasonably counted on to be fast, with goods arriving on time and in good condition. Transporting goods through a network of carriers, either across a country or around the world, can be a very complicated process. The current state of the global economy means that businesses have to find ways to save money wherever they can, and shipping is no exception. Here are two ways you can save money in Spain air freight or when using, no matter from wich to wich airport, air freight:

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Use a Freight Forwarder

Air freight forwarders make it possible to ship quickly by managing the logistics of transporting cargo through an array of air, land and sea carriers, as well as negotiating complex customs requirements.

Air freight forwarders combine the shipments of individuals and companies, so they have the volume required to negotiate the best shipping rates.

Some freight forwarders can offer door-to-door service, take care of customs clearance, complete the paperwork at every step, and even handle urgent deliveries.


Optimize Your Packaging

If your packaging is taking up too much space, you may be paying a lot to Spain air freight or in general transport by air. On a large shipment, reducing each package by even a few centimeters can mean adding many more packages to your container. Reducing the amount and thickness of packaging materials not only saves volume, it also saves money and waste. This could also improve your company’s image as being more environmentally friendly.

We can guide your air freight throughout the shipping process, and get them there on time and in good shape. Contact us for more information about how our professional freight forwarding services can save you money on your shipping.




It is important to avoid delays in departures and / or delivery of goods, having a freight forwarder that can provide an agile in dealing with Spain air freight service.

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