We would like to remind about all the steps all shippers + forwarders have to follow prior ship any shipments from Spain to Brazil

Do never ship any shipments from Spain to Brazil without our authorization, because we must insert shipment details in brazilian Customs system before departure. Please always email us copy of shipping documents for our persual before departure and do not ship the cargo before we allow you accordingly, in order to avoid operational problems in destination, because of brazilian legislations.




Some products require Import License in Brazil prior to shipment in origin. Therefore, before arranging any air or ocean freight shipments to Brazil, please contact us firstly along with consignee details so that we may check with them as to whether any Import License is required. If so, cargo only can be shipped in origin after importer has provided said License.




– Bill of Ladings: in the field where the quantity of packages is described, it must be clearly declared the material that those packages are made of (for example: wood pallets, metal drums, plastic skids, wood crates, etc). Please make sure to mention the existence of wood in the shipment.


– Commercial Invoices: it must be declared if any package is made of wood (for example: 360 bags in 6 wood pallets; 10 wood crates;  64 metal drums in 16 wood pallets). If you declare the existence of wood in the container, you must inform whether it was treated or not. If it is treated, please make sure to send original Certificate of Fumigation and Phyto-sanitary Certificate.


– Packing Lists: same as commercial invoices.

Documents have to follow the rules for all shipments from Spain to Brazil



For your information, for import cargoes shipments from Spain to Brazil, our local Customs Clearance broker do not accept B/L or AWB marked freight “AS AGREED” or “AS PER AGREEMENT”. These shipping documents must indicate the freight charges in amount.




Brazil has more than 14 airports and we have different affiliated offices in each airport. Therefore, before arranging any air freight Shipments from Spain to Brazil airports, please contact us firstly along with cargo details, so that we may revert along with the shipping instructions and our affiliated office details in the respective brazilian airport where the goods will be shipped to.

Shipments from Spain to Brazil



Please always contact us before arranging any LCL, FCL, Break Bulk or RO-RO ocean freight shipments from Spain to Brazil, because there are several particularities to be included in all shipping documents (MB/Ls, HB/Ls and Cargo Manifests). Do not ship any cargo to Brazil without our prior authorization.


For ocean freight Shipments from Spain to Brazil, you must register your company in the Marine Merchant of our country as NVOCC. Then you will be allowed by the brazilian government to issue MB/L reading “shipper” as your company and “consignee” as AUSCORP + your own HB/Ls. Otherwise, your company must only issue direct B/L of the shipping companies. We can arrange this registration for you. All we need is your full corporate details.


Do you have any Shipments from Spain to Brazil? Please contact us. We are a professional freight forwarder in Spain.