SOIVRE stands for the Servicio Oficial de Inspección, Vigilancia y Regulación de Las Exportaciones. In English this means the Official Service Inspection, Supervision and Regulation of Exports).

This service plays a very important role in port activity, especially when exports come from third world countries. These types of exports typically include, but are not limited to, vegetables, frozen fish, fruit, dried fruit, olive oil, and many other kinds of imports that come from all over the globe.

This organization is related to the Ministry of Economy, General Secretariat for Foreign Trade, Registration and Technical Assistance for Foreign Trade, The State Secretariat for Commerce and Tourism, and General Under management for Inspection.

Soivre Spain freight forwarder



The SOIVRE carries out inspections to make sure that goods pass health and quality standards, and to make sure that imports meet or exceed specifications that are set by the Regulations Association. If the imports do not meet specifications then they will be sent back to their home country without payment.

If SOIVRE notices anything suspicious, such as possible contraband, it will notify the proper authorities and the vessel will be investigated and possibly confiscated. SOIVRE plays a vital role in ensuring that food that enters the country is edible and safe for consumption.




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