Cargo shipments can be sent via the air or by sea.

Shipping large cargo or extra-sizes takes extensive paperwork, time and necessary licenses.

Its important in order to avoid extra-expences and extra work, try to pack the shipments with regular sizes.

For sure there are cargo you can not pack in different ways, but for those can adapt to the standard dimensions, consider the sizes we detail next:


Shipping Cargo by Sea

If you are trying to ship a pallet across oceans by sea, you need to make note of the weight and size of the shipment.

A six meter long regular container (20′) can accept interior sizes of 2,3 meters high x 2,3 meters width. This sizes also are for the 12 meters long containers (40′).

Consider in order to avoid extra handling charges at forwarder / handling warehouse not exceed 1,545 kilograms.

Ask us, other ways to ship if you have more than this sizes / weight.

Standard dimensions cargo shipping

Shipping Cargo by Air

If you are shipping cargo by air, the minimum height on a passenger plane is from 1.4 to 1.6 meters high, while the maximum height on a pallet on a cargo airplane (freightner) is 2.4 meters high.

To calculate the air freight volume multiply the length of the pallet by its width, then by its height in inches–then divided by 366. Then, to convert the actual weight in pounds into kilograms, divide the total pounds by 2.2046.

If you need to ship large cargo, make sure your shipment meets the necessary weight and size measurements, or ask us the way can be shipped.