According to the international shipping federation, nearly 90 % of the trade in the world is transported by the international shipping industry. There are 50,000 ships engaged in transporting goods from one country to another. The amount of sea freight transportation continues to grow. Sea freighters use an assortment of container types.

Colored Cargo Containers NF Spain

Dry Containers

The most common type of container used is dry containers.

They are used to ship a variety of nonperishable goods.

These containers are usually made of steel, they are square and range from 20 to 40 feet in length and are easy to stack. There are differend types of dry containers.


Liquid Containers

This type of container consist of two parts a drum or barrel and a dry container.

Both non-toxic and toxic liquids are placed in the drum or barrel.

Once the barrel is full it is usually placed in a dry container for added protection and stack ability.

Samples of cargo can be shipped is: oil, gas, …..



This type of container is used to ship items that need climate-control such as perishable items most of the time the items are frozen this allows the items to maintain their freshness for up to a month.

Climate control containers are also used to ship artifacts, frozen meat, and other perishable items.

Reefers are also square and easy to stack.


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