We would like to inform you about the last update about the situation of Tianjin port just received from local agents.

Blast in Tianjin port


The fatal blasts on Aug 12 that rocked a warehouse storing hazardous chemicals in Tianjin BINHAI New Area have claimed 114 lives, including 13 people not yet identified, and left 64 missing. Explosion caused huge losses to people’s life and property , after the accident, the terminal to stop all services last week, After a week of active repair and testing,

Tianjin port news



Actual and future situation in Tianjin port


The latest notice is as follows:

1. For customs —Tianjin customs system has been restored to the basic business on 18/08
2. For container yard—Most of container yard has been able to run normally, can pick up the empty container and back the heavy container.

But for some supplier/shippers send the goods to container yard, then loading at there , this service have not resume temporary .

due to the serious damage, there are 5 container yards in Tianjin has not yet resumed operation.
3. For carriers—, some containers are damaged after explosion, for part of carriers there will be a lack of cabinets, we will pay attention on this when we booking.
4. For tianjin port , stop all dangerous goods both on import and export operation now.

For others ports, customs clearance and inspection will be more strict.


We would like to thank to Mr. Ken Zhang of First Corp Ltd wich has sent us this information.

We would like express our condolences for all the victims in this tragedy at Tianjin port. Our thoughts are with all of them.