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News Customs Clearance

August 2015: conversion currency rate for Spain customs clearance.

Every 1st day of the month, customs office goverment, makes public the conversion currency rate for Spain customs clearance. That rate is the official has been to be apply in […]

What is EUR1?

An EUR1, is a movement certificate, that gives some countries an import discount or waiver on goods that originate in Spain or European Union that have applicable trade agreements with […]

Australia changes to documentation

We have recived this important notification from our Australia agent. ,, Australian Customs are starting to impose fines on customs brokers and importers when they submit documents for clearance when […]

New China customs advance manifest.

China Customs will implement the new China Customs Advance Manifest system effective from 28th of June 2014. All cargo shipment destination to China is enforcing a 24-hour  CCAM rule in pior […]

Temporary Importation and Exportation

In the world of international business, it’s common place that some products, information and data can be restricted by the country it comes from as well as countries that may […]

Harmonized System Codes (HS CODE)

Harmonzied System Codes (or HS Codes) is an internationally standardized system to keep track of trade products. It is a system of both numbers and names, and came into effect […]

What is an ATA carnet?

What is an ATA carnet? The ATA Carnet is an international customs document used to ship temporarily goods between two or more countries without payment of normally applicable duties and […]

10 Documents used for Export to Spain.

There are several documents required for export to Spain. One original of a commercial invoice, original Certificate of Origen or Form A (if needed), and one bill of lading must […]

New Japan Customs Regulations

  We just have recived one notification from EVERGREEN informing about the new customs rules for import cargo to Japan. We think is interesting share with you: COPY: From March […]

Used Cars Spain Customs Clearance

Used Cars Spain customs clearance sometimes is not easy. From Spain there is huge used vehicles traffic to West Africa, South America and other countries. Not only cars, aslo vans, […]